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Product Description

4 Wheel 433Mhz Retrofit TPMS Kit Ideal for all 4 wheeled vehicles including cars, vans & motorhomes
  • 4 x 433Mhz clamp-in wheel mounted sensors
  • Cable free, AA battery (x2) powered LED display unit LED Display indicates:
  • Tyre pressures in psi, kPa or Bar
  • Tyre temperatures in °C or °F
  • Warns of low & high tyre pressures
  • Warns of rapid tyre deflation
  • Warns of high air temperature within tyres
  • Warns of low battery within each sensor
  • Allows sensors to be relocated in the event of wheel rotation
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    Retro-fit TPMS

    Retro-fit TPMS

    Retro-fit TPMS

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